Original 250W Electric Heating Rod Cartridge Heater For Mould Heating

Rod Cartridge Heater is a type of electric heating element consisting of a cylindrical rod shape for high-temperature applications.


Original 250W Electric Heating Rod Cartridge Heater For Mould Heating

Product Description

Rod Cartridge Heater

A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped, industrial heating element that can be inserted into drilled holes. Cartridge heaters provide localized and precise heating and are commonly used in the heating process industry.

Typically, cartridge heaters are used to heat a metal block from the inside and can be custom manufactured to a specific watt density based on the requirements of the application.Cartridge heaters are most frequently used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. For easy installation, the heaters are made slightly undersize relative to their nominal diameter.

Cartridge Heater Product Features

1. Simple structure, high heating power2. Easy and economical installation

3. Designed and manufactured with good materials 4. Uniform temperature 5. Accurate dimensions, maximum heat transfer 6. Easy maintenance and replacement 7. CE & RoHS approved
Rod Cartridge Heater
Electric Cartridge Heater Customization Options
1. Built-in thermocouple 2. Voltage (phase ) & power & watt density3. Non-heating part length4. Tube diameter & length5. Sheath material6. Lead/ lead protection7. Seal material 8. Installation – flange/ locating ring/ screw9. Finned 10. Inner structure – e.g. custom distributed wattage
Rod Cartridge Heater
Outer Sheath Material
Stainless Steel 304, 321, 316; Incoloy 800; Incoloy 840
Resistance Heating Wire
Nichrome 8020 resistance wire
Wattage Tolerance
+5%, -10%
Resistance Tolerance
+10%, -5%
Voltage Available
12 to 600 volts customied
Maxium Heating Temperature
800 Degree Celsius
Length Tolerance
Diameter Tolerance
Standard Cold Size
Insulation Resistance (cold)
≥ 500 MΩ
Maxium Leakage Current (cold)
≤0.5 mA
Lead Orientation
A) Crimped on Leads : PTFE/Fiberglass Flexible lead crimped on solid pin emerging from the Heater.B) Swaged in Leads : Flexible Fiber Glass or PTFE leads emerging from within the heater

Rod Cartridge Heater

Rod Cartridge Heater
Electric Heating Rod Cartridge Heater
Cartridge heaters are most frequently used for heating dies, platens, molds, and other metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. They can also be used in liquid immersion applications. Below are some examples of specific applications: * Heating gases and liquids * Hot runner molds * Hot stamping * Laminating presses * Medical equipment * Semi-conductor * Plastic molding * Scientific equipment
Rod Cartridge Heater
Customer Evaluation
Rod Cartridge Heater
Rod Cartridge Heater

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