CE Customization 240V 2585W Air Tubular Oven Heating Element For Barbecue BBQ

Oven heating element is a metal coil that produces heat when electricity flows through it. Essential for baking. Replaceable if damaged.


Product Description
Oven Heating Element
Oven Heating Element
Formed tubular heaters are widely used to heat liquids, air or metals as a reliable, economical, and versatile way, which can be used in a large variety of applications, including those with size restrictions for small spaces. They allow for even heat distribution as well as a high dielectric strength. Tubular heaters can be formed into a variety of patterns.


Oven Heating Element
Thread fitting size
M12*1.5;M14*2.0;M16*2.5 etc
Tube diameter
Φ6mm – Φ 16mm
Tube Material
SS304, SS316L, SS321, SS310S and INCOLOY800, 840 etc
Insulation Material
99% Purity Mgo
Conductor Material
Nichrome Resistance Wire
Wattage Density
High/Middle/Low (5-25w/cm2)
Voltages available
60V- 600V Customized
Lead Connection
Threaded Terminal or Lead Wire
Waterproof or with fins

How to choose the right Material for the heater?

Copper Sheath
Water heating, water solutions non-corrosive to copper.
Stainless stell sheath
Immersion in oils, molten salt baths, alkaline cleaning solutions, tars and asphalt. Also suitable for clamping to metal surfacesand casting into aluminum. Corrosive liquids, food processing equipment. Stainless steel 304 is the normal material.
Incoloy Sheath
Air heating, radiant heating, cleaning and degreasing solutions, plating and pickling solutions, corrosive liquids. Usually forhigh temperature.
itanium tube
corrosive environment.
Product Appilcation
Oven Heating Element
1.Plastic Processing machinery.2.Water and Oil Heating Appliances.3.Packaging machineries4.Vending Machines.5.Dies and Tools.6.Heating Chemical Solutions.7.Ovens & Dryers8.Kitchen equipments9.Medical equipments
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Oven Heating Element
Packing & Delivery
Oven Heating Element
Oven Heating Element
Oven Heating Element
Oven Heating Element
Oven Heating Element

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  1. Avatar Of Emma


    With this heating element, achieving the perfect bake every time has never been easier!

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