10mm Dia Stainless Steel Air Electric Tubular Heater W Shape 220v 3kw Heating Element

Air electric tubular heater is a heating solution used to provide warmth in building and industrial settings by heating the air inside.


10Mm Dia Stainless Steel Air Electric Tubular Heater W Shape 220V 3Kw Heating Element
Air Electric Tubular HeaterAir Electric Tubular HeaterAir Electric Tubular HeaterAir Electric Tubular Heater
Wattage Tolerance
+5%, -10%
Resistance tolerance
+10%, -5%
Insulation resistance (cold)
≥ 500 MΩ
Maximum leakage current (cold)
≤ 0.5 mA
Dielectric strength
1500 V
Plastic bag , Carton box, Wooden box
Sheath/Casing materials
SUS304/ SUS321/ SUS316/ SUS316L/ SUS310S/ Incoloy800/ Incoloy840/ Copper/ Titanium
Terminal Styles
Plain Pins/ Flag Terminals/ Spade Terminal/ Screw Terminal/ Special Terminal
U/ Hairpin/ W/ Z/ Straight/ Spiral/ Circular(with extension)/ Double Loop/ Bent Hairpin
End cap
Ceramic end (standard)/ Cement/ Epoxy/ RTV seal

Construction Type

Swaged / High Watt Density – up to 1400°F (760°C)Not Swaged / Low Watt Density – up to 1200°F (650°C)Other
Stainless steel air electric tubular heater is cylindrical electrical heating elements with two head. Protected with a stainless steel sheath. Mostly double head heater is used for heating up solids such as injection presses heating plates or various tools, double head heater can also be used for heating up water of gases under certain conditions.
Air electric tubular heater s are produced using Incoloy, stainless steel or Copper sheath materials and also there is huge variety of selection of termination styles available. Insulation of Magnesium offers greater heat transfer. Tubular heaters can be used in any application. Straight tubular can be inserted in machined groves for conductive heat transfer and formed Tubular provides consistent heat in any type of special application. Its applications areas are: Plastic processing machineries ;Engineering Industry ;Packaging machinery ;Shoe making machineries ;Foundry Equipment ;Radiant Surface heating ;Hot Runner Mould Systems etc.
It may be used to heat any kind of substance or material, such as oil, air, or sugar. However, a common application is plastic pellets, which are melted in order to form molded plastic parts. An example of such a process is the “hot runner” process. Electric Tubular Heater resemble tubular heaters structurally but tend to have higher watt densities.
Air Electric Tubular Heater
1.Moisture resistant2.Even heat distribution3.High Dielectric Strength4.Cost efficient5.Wide range of diameters available
Order Notification
1. Voltage: 12-380v (customized), power: customized The power voltage needs to be confirmed. The wrong power voltage will cause slow heating or burn out the heating tube. It can be identified by the resistance value measured by the multimeter. 2. Thread specification: common M12, M14, M16, M18. (customized) The mounting holes of the big and small medicine boxes of the screw head are matched, otherwise, the water will leak or the installation will not go in. It can be measured with caliper or spanner wrench. 3. The center distance of the terminal (corresponding to the hole distance of the installation hole) is customized. It’s the same as the old heating pipe. 4. Length of heating pipe
Air electric tubular heater
1.Plastic Processing machinery. 2.Water and Oil Heating Appliances. 3.Packaging machineries 4.Vending Machines. 5.Dies and Tools. 6.Heating Chemical Solutions. 7.Ovens & Dryers 8.Kitchen equipments 9.Medical equipments Used in many other applications.
Air Electric Tubular Heater
Production and Processing
Air electric tubular heater is strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure that customers can safely use our company’s products
Air Electric Tubular Heater
Why Choose Us

Company Introduction:

TAIZHOU YULING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE Co., Ltd. is a research, design, manufacture, installation and consulting services for the integration of the industrial manufacturing company. Which is located in Jiangsu Province.

With the advanced technology, high quality products, reasonable prices, our products sell well at home and abroad, has won the praise of many customers, and with over one hundred domestic and foreign enterprises have maintained long term friendly relations of cooperation.Air electric tubular heater
Air Electric Tubular Heater

Certificate of Conformity

The Authentication Certificate of Quality Management SystemExplosion-proof certificate
Air Electric Tubular Heater

Q:ARE YOU TRADING COMPANY OR MANUFACTURER ?A:We are factoryQ:HOW LONG IS YOUR SHIPPING TIME?A:Generally it is 7-15 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-40 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according toquantityQ:DO YOU PROVIDE SAMPLES ? IS IT FREE OR EXTRA ?A:Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freightQ:WHAT IS YOUR TERMS OF PAYMENT?A:negotiation

A:Yes, we provide, but need detailed specifications, and the price will be changed

Additional information

Product name

Tubular heater


1w-10000w or Customized

Sheath material

stainless steel 304, 316, 321 and Incoloy 800


6.6-20mm Custom Size

Heating element

Ni-Cr or FeCr

Diameter tolerance

+/- 0.02mm

Length tolerance

+/- 1mm


100mm 200mm 300mm etc

Wattage tolerance

+/- 5%

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