High Accuracy Thin Film Element PT100 PT000 Sensor

High Accuracy Thin Film Element is a type of temperature measurement device that uses a thin layer of metal deposited on a ceramic substrate to provide accurate temperature readings.

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High Accuracy Thin Film Element PT100 Sensor
Product Description

Thin film platinum thermal resistance chip is a product of the development of epoch-making temperature sensor. Using the most advanced high-tech methods, such as laser spray plating, microphotography and printing lithography. The resistance value is fine-tuning in the digital trimming way, thus providing the most accurate resistance

Technical description
● Product performance meets the standards of IEC751-1995 and JIS1604,
●Temperature coefficient R100/R0=1.3851.
● After strictly picking up and indicating the exact value of each element at 0 centigrade.
● Film Pt thermal resistance element with ceramic and platinum specially made to maintain excellent stability under high temperature, suitable for use in the -70 C ~ 6OO temperature.The platinum film is spatter on the surface of the ceramic by laser, thus the thin film platinum thermistor element has good anti vibration and anti shock properties.
● The surface of the film is covered with ceramics, so the element can withstand high voltage and has good insulation.
High Accuracy Thin Film Element


1.with quick thermal response, reducing dynamic error.

2.small diameter, no limit on length.

3.high measuring accuracy.

4.imported film resistor with high reliability and stability

●Temperature coefficient: TCR=3850ppm/K
●Temperature range: B grade: -70 C -600 C Class A: -50 C, -300, 1/3DIN: 0—150 degree C
●Wire: platinum plated nickel wire
●Specification: DIN EN 60751 (conforming to IEC751)
●Size: 2.3mm * 2.1mm x 0.9mm (long x wide x high) line length 10mm
●Long term stability: R0 drift is less than 0.04% (500 degrees C, 1000 hours later)
●Anti vibration grade: at least 40g acceleration (10-2000Hz)
●Insulation resistance: > 100M Omega, 20 centigrade, > 2M Omega, 500 C
●Impact grade: at least 100g acceleration (after wave 8.5mS)
●Self thermal coefficient: 0.4K / mW (0 C)
●Response time: water @0.4m/s t0.5=0.05S t0.9=0.15S air @2m/s t0.5=3.0S t0.9=10.0S
●Environmental conditions: it can only be used in dry environment when unprotected
●Measurement current: PT100 0.3- maximum 1 mA
High Accuracy Thin Film Element
High Accuracy Thin Film Element
Deviation error
Deviation resistance(0 °C)
+/-0.04 Ohm
+/-0.06 Ohm
+/-0.12 Ohm
+/-0.25 Ohm
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